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I'm not really at home in the screwdriver world, and since this question relates to my purchase of a MBP I figured I could ask the question here. Whats the difference between a Phillips 00 and a 000 screwdriver?

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000 is smaller and has thinner blades. 00 is larger and has thicker blades.

Using a tool that doesn't exactly match the screw means you can't get proper surface contact. This increases the chance of stripping the head of the screw on removal - especially if the screw threads have locking adhesive. For assembly, the wrong tool makes it harder to torque the screw properly.

With a high quality tool and a screw that isn't too tight, you can sometimes mix 000/00 for screw and tool, but it's not ideal as the difference is significant for the tolerances in a MacBook Pro. If you're looking for an entire kit, this driver set is quite nice as well. You do get "a little play" any time there is a socket/bit connection; but for home use, iFixit sells great value and good quality tools.

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A difference in sizing, I don't think it's particularly a large difference.

There is a difference though, if you're looking after your screws then the correct driver is always best.

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And is there a difference between 00 and #00? – Mats Sep 15 '11 at 12:36
One's got a hash and the other doesn't. Nah, there's no difference, just a difference in how they get listed, the 00 is a standard reference code. – Nicholas Smith Sep 15 '11 at 12:39

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