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This is a rephrased post of this question. I haven't had any luck over on Stack Overflow, and I'm a relative newb to the macworld, so thinking there could be some mac guru's out there to help me.

I'm a software developer, and am having trouble getting the Adobe AIR debugger tool to launch. Everything was working fine on my system until I installed, and subsequently uninstalled the proxy tool Little Snitch.

Now, when I try to launch ADL, it fails to start up correctly. The application starts, and the icon is visible on the dock, but the debugger never connect.

enter image description here

Typcially, after startup and this icon is shown, the debugger connects to the application you're working on, and you see the app running.

I've tried the following steps, to no avail:

  • Uninstalled and Reinstalled Flash Builder (restarting afterwards)
  • Uninstalled Little Snitch
  • Uninstalled and Reinstalled the AIR SDK
  • Manually removed all traces of Little Snitch, as described here
  • Installed alternative versions of the AIR SDK, and attempted to launch these from the command line.
  • As discussed over on stackoverflow, I've taken several steps to rule out that it's an issue with my application code.

Given that:

  • The issues started around the time I installed Little Snitch
  • I've ruled out an issue with Adobe AIR directly
  • I've ruled out that there's an issue with my code

I believe there may be something lingering around that's preventing ADL from connecting to my running application - possibly some remenants of Little Snitch's port blocking. However, I have no idea how to test / rule-out this theory.

Any assistance or suggestions on how to investigate further would be greatly appreciated

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