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I don't know why.

  • My entire iTunes Library is on my Mac mini
  • I've entered the same Apple ID in iTunes' Home Sharing on both computers
  • My iPhone and iPad can use Home Sharing from my Mac mini's iTunes
  • I open iTunes on my MBA and Home Sharing does not appear in the left sidebar
  • I tried removing and re-entering my Home Sharing credentials on my MBA. This did not help.

I've searched around for a solution but found nothing. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions?

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Go into Preferences and make sure you have Shared Libraries ticked in the Show section of the General Preferences pane.

You might also have the details hidden in the sidebar. If the sidebar has SHARED in grey writing with nothing under it then try placing the cursor to the right of the word (near the right edge of the pane) and either Hide or Show will appear, allowing you to toggle the list.

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