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I like the threaded view for, but it only groups the messages per thread. In other words, there's only two levels: the original messages, and all the replies that came after that.

Is it possible (perhaps via plugin?) to show a multi-level view of the e-mail thread in

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I'm sorry; that's not possible.

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good answer ;-) – Sietse Oct 15 '10 at 9:39

As an alternative to the lack of Mail features (good threading being one of those), you can try any of the following, which I’m sure you already know:

  • Postbox: Lots of features, multiplatform, not free.
  • Thunderbird: Very decent mail client, free and also multiplatform.
  • Mailplane: If you like Gmail but don’t want to lose OS X features, Mailplane is a very decent alternative combining the best of gmail with a respectable OS X integration.
  • Sparrow: A new alternative (only for gmail) that is growing in popularity for its ease of use and iPad-like interface. Although it only works for gmail, the plan is to expand it. Still very beta. Still free. Worth to follow around and check every now and then.
  • There may be others but these are the most known/used (excluding of course). Eudora is also popular, but I believe it’s a little bit outdated.
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