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Is it possible to modify which files Apple's quarantine warning pops up on? Specifically I download hundreds of PHP files (web developer) and I'm tired of seeing " a script application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?" I don't mind the warning on most downloads, but don't want warnings on scripts I'm opening to edit.

FYI, Quarantine can be completly disabled with: defaults write LSQuarantine -bool NO and can be removed from existing files with: xattr -d -r ~/foldername

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If you download files from the internet into the ~/Downloads folder, you could assign a folder action to ~/Downloads via Automator:

Open Automator Create a new Folder Action

As the action, drag over "Run Shell Script"

Assign the following shell script:

    for f in "$@"
        test "$f" == *\.php && xattr -d -r $f
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Hmm this might work, but the problem isn't files going to /Downloads, it's all my Git repos and sites. I could set it up to run on those folders recursively I suppose. /Downloads is actually the one places I'd like to it run. – jb510 Sep 10 '11 at 18:38

Building from @Daniel's answer, you could do this from a shell:

find /path/to/your/app -name '*.php' -exec xattr -d -r {} \;
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