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I search for a software to allow multi-tagging. Meaning, i want to add more than one genre to a song/album to be able to easily access specific songs i.e. ("female singer, jazz" or "duet, jazz") which i can not realy do by choosing just one genre.

Is there an option to do this with iTunes? If not, is there a player able to do this? Maybe even with pandora/ interface so i don't even have to tag all the songs myself?

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For a thorough analyse of the topic, read Ways to store multiple genres in your digital music, where Dan says:

MP3. MP3s (or rather, the ID3 tagging format used by MP3s) don't support multiple tags for genre. Instead you must useone existing tag and use a delimiter character to separate the genres within that tag.

If you use iTunes player, I'd recommend to use the Grouping tag for that purpose.

Now, can you do that automatically ?
As you pointed out, offers an interface to retrieve tags for songs. And bdefore used that API to develop an iTunes Multi-Genre Tagger (description blog post here, last version of the script here). I think that's the tool you're after.

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Thanks a lot for so much Information! I will look into that! – Andresch Serj Sep 8 '11 at 16:26

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