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This isn't a problem as such, more an irritant that's begging for a clean solution.

At work we have a couple of Macs which I'm trying to get integrated nicely into Active Directory.

We enforce all internet traffic through a proxy which works fine for all users because: - proxy is setup in the Control Panel (or via IE) - the proxy provider ships a Widows utility to log you in

No surprise however that they don't ship a Mac login tool and never will.

I have configured the proxy details for all protocols, including the specific port number and authentication details. However, none of the apps can connect past it to the internet.

The only way for all apps to connect is if I Telnet to the proxy in question and login with the same credentials used in System Preferences.

Is there anyway I can get the whole system to respect my proxy settings in System Preferences and not require me to telnet as well?

Just to note that simply telnet without the proxy details in System Preferences does not work.

Any recommendations?

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What proxy server are you using? The real question should be "why do you have to telnet to, and log in to the proxy server in order for it to recognize a mac?" What does the Winders utility provide for you? Do you have to put in a username/password into that utility? – TheWellington Sep 8 '11 at 22:42

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