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Under 10.7.0 Server I was able to activate the root user and I was able to login to my Mac Mini Server i7 as root. Now after I did the update to 10.7.1 Server, this capability has disappeared . I'm able to du a "su root" with the coresponding password, but I'm nomore able to login through the login window.

Just as an additional information. If I try to change the root password with the Directory Utility I get an error message in the system logfile, but not in the Directory Utility. The error is like the following line: changing root password failed: Error Code=5100 "This authentication method is not supported" --> This is a translation from the german output!!!

What's going wrong?

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You shouldn't have to re-enable root after an upgrade, but perhaps there is a bug.

Have you tried performing the "little dance" Apple asks us to do for enabling root now that the update is over?

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Hello, yes I did that several times after reinstalling Lion Server. Right now, as version 10.7.1 is out, I'm no more able to install 10.7.0. It will be always 10.7.1. – Thomas Thaler Sep 1 '11 at 18:30
Ouch - I wonder if that's been filed yet at - I don't have a test server to try things at the moment... – bmike Sep 1 '11 at 19:07

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