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I'm on an intel 64bit 10.6 osx - and the default calculator application also functions in the same mode. I'd like a 32 bit scientific calculator(with provisions for decimal,bit,hex calculations). Any app suggestions?

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You couldn't do better than trying PCalc out. It is paid software, but if you look over the reviews and detailed features, you might find it exactly what you want for your programming needs.

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You can make the default Calculator app run in 32-bit mode by getting info on it in the Finder, and selecting the "Open in 32-bit mode" option. But... why do you care what mode it runs in?

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Oh, no, you seem to have misunderstood my question. Rather than the app running in 32/64 bit more(which i dont really care about) id like 32 bit calculations to occur. its a pain when you wish to find the 2's complement of a number represented in 32 bits but get the answer with 64 and end up manually toggling the leftmost 32 bits. :) – wheee Sep 3 '11 at 4:09

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