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I just replaced my old 320Gb HHD on my MBP with a 240Gb SSD and I did not wanted to transfer the hole drive as it would not fit, as I have more than 60Gb of music and 110Gb of Photos and HD Videos.

So I started "blank" and, might say, did a good job :o)

but I really want to have my Bootcamp partition on my SSD instead hooking up the HHD all the time, and was searching for a tool...

Carbon Copy Cloner sounded great but:

enter image description here

then searching the forums I got Winclone and that was exactly what I wanted, but ... again

  • website is no longer available
  • Goggle cache page reported: "Winclone has been discontinued"

enter image description here

What are my options now?

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Good news is that CNET Downloads still have the file on their own server so, we can easily get it form there

Winclone 2.2 on CNET Downloads

and after that the beauty come to us!

enter image description here

Unfortunately, WinClone will not work under OSX Lion...

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CNET now just redirects to; they don't seem to host the older version any more. – Holistic Developer Jun 26 at 12:10

Winclone 3 is out. $19.99. Works with Windows Vista or 7. XP unsupported, but sometimes works. OSX 10.6+

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Winclone is still kicking and at version 4.4! – mkaz Jan 18 '15 at 23:51

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