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I have a vbulletin forum I frequent in which I'd like to place a link to the "new posts" search on my homescreen. Anyone familiar with vbulletin knows this is a url with search.php?do=getnew , once you access that URL it redirects you to a search ID which is cached for easy access later. Thing is, you can't add that to your home screen as it wil just pull up the old search results rather than returning the newest posts. I'd like to add a link to the new posts link on my homescreen but it seems there is no way to edit the homescreen links.

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Yes - this works just fine for many web sites.

For example, these two links work very well when saved to the home screen on iOS.

  • http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=active
  • http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=newest

Each will reuse an existing window and refresh the content to be sorted as specified (active versus newest) and they also work if you don't already have a "tab" open to this site on Mobile Safari.

Not all websites will allow you to embed these codes, so you might have to shoot off an email to the webmaster asking if they have an URL that will set the proper cookies or yield the desired results. This is the sort of technical thing most web sites will provide for users with the smarts to take advantage of - even if they decide to hide that URL from most of the users that are browsing the site normally.

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So what would the URL be? Maybe you should host your own .html file, and redirect to that URL when it gets hit?

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Short answer: No!

There's only one possibility to add a website to homescreen: Tell the user to add it. It's also not possible to change the link for this.

So the user needs to navigate to your search.php and add this page to the homescreen.

Maybe you could write a webapp with dashcode which creates a page for new posts..?

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