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I created a folder in /Applications to move all Games into a folder called Games. Launchpad is not in sync with the folders that I created.

Looking at the folder Utilities, I was under the impression that creating a folder in /Applications would keep Launchpad in sync .

Is there a way to keep these two distinct Applications (LaunchPad and Finder) which show me a list apps to respect the folders hierarchy ?

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The two hierarchies are separate, and cannot be kept in sync without third-party intervention. Even then, there would be difficulties. Note that Launchpad folders have capacity limits that actual folders do not have, and folders within /Applications can contain nested folders, while Launchpad folders cannot.

It's just a coincidence that the apps in /Applications/Utilities match up with the Utilities folder in Launchpad. On my machine, I moved Terminal out of the Utilities folder in Launchpad, but it's still /Applications/Utilities/

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