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Has anybody found a good ergo keyboard for a Mac? I've been using an MS Natural KB 4000 for quite a while but I need to retire it and thought I'd look around for something that would work a little better in OSX (mute, volume keys, keys actually labeled for all things Mac-y).

I've been using an Apple keyboard for the last week and while it looks cool, it's just awful to type on for any amount of time. Since I'm a programmer that is an issue.

I checked out Logitech's site and they don't seem to have any Mac specific keyboards any more. Google's not helping out. Any coders out there have a favorite keyboard?

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I'm not a coder. I'm a writer of prose and I type 90 words per minute, and like you, I can't stand Apple's keyboards. For years I used an ergonomic keyboard and the original Microsoft Natural Keyboard circa 1994 was the best for my needs. When I wore out my second Natural Keyboard, ultimately I determined that the issue for me wasn't the need for the ergonomic shape. Rather, it was the need for something with a deep, full, springy, clicky key travel, which I find much less fatiguing than typing on shallow keyboards. So these days I've gone back to conventional non-ergonomic keyboards but ones with full-travel clicky keys. The Matias USB 2.0 keyboard is my favorite and it's quite affordable. I also have a Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2 (OEM by Fujitsu, I believe) when I want to get totally minimalist. It's also favored by a lot of coders, I understand. It's been on the market for many years, and is reasonably priced.

Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2

With regard to a true ergonomic design: Although I have never tried them personally, the Kinesis Maxim and Freestyle models are available, and also in a version specifically for Mac.

Kinesis Maxim Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard

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