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I bought the new Mac Mini, which doesn't have a SuperDrive, and I noticed an icon in the sidebar of the Finder: Remote Disc.


To which device is referring?
When I clicked over the sidebar icon with the right button, to get information about the device, I got just genetic information that didn't help me to understand if it is referring to a specific device, and how I can "connect" such device to the Mac Mini.


Can I associate the "Remote Disc" with a MacBook's SuperDrive?

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Remote Disc is a way for Macs without optical drives (Air, mini) to access another computers optical drive over a network. So you can put a disc in another Mac or Windows PC and read it on your mini.

Full details and instructions are reported here.

In short:

  • Go to the Preference panel, and click on "Sharing."


  • In Sharing, enable the "CD and DVD Sharing" service.


  • When a CD/DVD is inserted in the computer used to share the CD/DVD, its content will be show under "Remote Disc" on the Mac Mini.

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Documenting at least a few key steps would make this answer a lot higher quality. – Jason Salaz Aug 27 '11 at 1:59
Also, I would add that the steps above are for the machine with the CD/DVD player. On the machine without a drive, you just find the shared CDs/DVDs under that icon. – Alex Aug 27 '11 at 18:35

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