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Am mostly liking Lion osx but there are some features that are really annoying to someone who has been using Macs for years. I would really like to know how to turn off some of these new features and it has taken a lot of time to identify what I want to go away and then find the patch.

Could you contribute your "Making Lion behave like Leopard" tips?

For example, the scrolling on the fancy mouse goes the wrong way (to make it compatible with iPad apparently). To fix: Preferences, mouse, Point & Click, unclick Scrolling Direction: natural.

Current problems include: - keeps splitting words automatically eg. username "phoebebright" is displayed as "phoebe bright", stop doing that! - text suddenly appears much bigger and can't find a way to make it shrink back again - stop doing that!

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Where does text "suddenly appear much bigger"? – Jason Salaz Aug 25 '11 at 15:09
Welcome to AskDifferent. If you have multiple questions about specific issues, then please ask separately. This question is too broad by asking about topics that have no relevance to each other. – Philip Regan Aug 25 '11 at 16:09
  • To make the text in applications’ (e.g. Mail’s) sidebars smaller, use System Preferences » General » Sidebar Icon Size and set the option to “Small”.
  • To disable the automatic spell correction, uncheck “Correct spelling automatically” in System Preferences » Language & Text » Text
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