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I used MacPorts to install a newer version of Python on my system (10.5.8 PPC), and then used the MacPorts select command to change the default invoked version of Python to the MP version. Now I want to change it back to the system version of Python, but I can't find a command to do so in the documentation.

I know all the MacPorts command did was to change a bunch of links to point at the MP version instead of the system version. Unfortunately I don't know what all the affected files are.

Does anyone know the command to reverse the setting or know the list of affected links that I would have to change?

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Macports select can change it back.

The current macports does it using the port select command - older versions had python_select

To see the possible pythons run

port select --list python

From that list choose the one you want and change to it e.g.

sudo port select --set python python25-apple
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I ran sudo port select --set python25-apple and got Error: The 'set' command expects two arguments: <group>, <version> – CyberSkull Aug 24 '11 at 12:13
Sorry - I have edited to I think the correct command - I missed the group – Mark Aug 24 '11 at 12:46
It works! Selecting 'python25-apple' for 'python' succeeded. 'python25-apple' is now active. – CyberSkull Aug 25 '11 at 4:21

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