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(Without thinking much) I set up my Mac mini server and used an actual domain name I use as the computer's host name.

I've since changed the host name to something that isn't an actual website, but I'm unable to navigate to the original hostname/domain. I've tried changeip in the terminal as well, as well as flushed DNS in case it was cached there as well.

How do I get Lion to reach out to the WWW to find this domain?

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I was able to fix this by removing this from /etc/named.conf

I'm now able to navigate to

zone "" IN {
    type master;
    file "";
    allow-transfer {
    allow-update {
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In terminal enter:

hostname -fs

That will tell you the hostname of your machine. You may need to edit your hosts file:

sudo nano /etc/hosts

If your machine is listed in the there simply remove it and then control-w to save the change.

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The hosts file only contains the expected references to localhost — etc — while hostname shows the current hostname. Still no luck... – Than Aug 22 '11 at 18:53

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