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Usually, all the .ipas are backup up in the ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications folder. I accidentally deleted an .ipa in the folder. Now, after syncing, the app is on iPad but the .ipa is not backup in the Mobile Applications folder. How can I enforce the sync to backup all .ipas to the Mac again?

My iPad is not jailbreak. I want to restore the VLC app (.ipa deleted from Mac) from iPad and install on another new iPhone ...

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File - Transfer purchases from "device" command in the iTunes menu is intended to move all apps as well as any other purchased content to an iTunes library that lacks those items.

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Just download it again from iTunes, at no extra charge.

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Except it's no longer on the iTunes App Store. –  Loïc Wolff Aug 22 '11 at 15:44

I want to get back my VLC app also. Can I get an .IPA file from a friend who still has a copy of the VLC app and drag and drop the IPA in Itunes and be able to regain the VLC App for my ipod touch?

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IPA's are signed for the person who downloaded them, and not transferrable using that route. –  BadPirate Nov 14 '14 at 23:58

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