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In finder, we can 'arrange by' for each folder separately, but how to set these settings for all folders.

NOTE: i have tried 'Use as defaults' in info dialog but of no use

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+1 - I have exactly the same question. – Mark Whitaker Aug 30 '11 at 14:34
Does it have to be a script? – Daniel Sep 2 '11 at 0:40
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To answer your first question, this isn't a script, but it is a procedure you can follow to make all Finder windows sorted by name. Open a finder window. Press Command-J. In the Sort By box, select "Name". Click "Use as defaults"

For the second, no, "sort by" sorts everything, including folders. If there are particular files or folders you want at the top of the list, you could start their name with a space, but don't do that to folders that applications or the system expect to have particular names. It does work for folders you create within your own Documents directory, however.

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You can use TotalFinder to do this.

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Unfortunately, I don't know of any scripts that can arrange all files in EVERY folder by name, or scripts to keep the folders at the top, but you can sort your files by type (extensions, alphabetically), and by name through right clicking (Control-click) in your folder (not selecting any specific file), and select Clean up by -> Kind or Name.

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