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The wifi on my MacBook Air 2010 keeps dropping the connection at home with a Linksys WRT160N router running DD-WRT v24-sp1 (07/27/08) std. Other devices maintain their connection to the router just fine.

I'm getting these messages in my kernel.log:

air-ethernet kernel[0]: AirPort: Link Down on en0. Reason 8 (Disassociated because station leaving).

Does anyone know the canonical solution to this problem? There are threads on Apple Support Communities that go on for 70 pages, but no high-profile links that have a definitive answer.

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I have the same problem and I've also been looking around a lot. The only thing I find is that if you have an Atheros Wi-Fi hardware in your Mac (I just found out that I did, mid-2011-iMac) this will help:

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