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I am looking for iOS games which use multi-touch in such a way that is not possible to emulate on other systems. This does not include games that use multi-touch to emulate a button and analog stick controller. So far I have found these apps:

  • Eliss - pinch in and out to combine planets
  • Sway - Left/Right side of screen to dedicated to each arm of the character
  • Cross Fingers - Must use multiple fingers on some levels to hold blocks out of the way
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After more research I have found these games:

  • Galcon - Swiping multiple weapons to different enemy planets at the same time
  • Bed Bugs - Swiping away multiple enemys
  • Pinch 'n Pop - Very similar to Eliss
  • Pinch - Looks similar to Eliss but with a maze component
  • Touchgrind - It is also available for OSX but way harder due to not being able to touch the screen directly
  • Touchgrind BMX - From the makers of Touchgrind
  • Buggled - hold down as many bugs as you can?

I made this a community wiki so edit away.

  • Meeblings - Using two fingers, you can activate two of those little guys at once.
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  • UZU (iPad only) - 1 to 10 finger inputs
  • Tesla Toy (similar to UZU but for iPhone)
  • Foodies - two fingers maintaining a continuos contact;
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Check out Pangolin on IOS. - action puzzler that use two fingers to make trampolines

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