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How do I set the vibrate to not fire for alarms but still fire for calls, texts, emails, reminders, etc?

I have looked at third party alarms but they all seem quite fallible, many do not work when you press the home button. Those that do use push notifications to get around this but this feature obeys the silent switch on the phone which means you have to remember to switch the sound on each night. And I have had two of them just randomly not work on me.

Is there a way of turning the vibrate off for just the alarm?

I'm willing to jailbreak for this.

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3 Answers

In iOS 6 vibrate settings, set "vibrate on ring" to "on" and "vibrate on silent" to "off".

Then, when on silent your alarm will ring without vibrating, and when not on silent everything will vibrate and ring normally.

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This doesn't work for me (iOS6). Maybe you have vibrate turned off for everything. –  Chris Burt-Brown Oct 21 '12 at 11:12
Updated my answer –  SomewhereThere Oct 21 '12 at 13:05
But I want it to vibrate on silent! –  Pavel Chuchuva Apr 1 at 2:50
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I believe PlayAwake may be of help to you, it's a Jailbreak app that allows you to set a custom song as an alarm. It lets you choose whether you want vibrate on and off, too! (Only downside is the price, and the fact you have to use your own music in order to have it not vibrate!

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NoVibratedWakeup is a Cydia tweak that turns off the vibration when the alarm sounds.

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