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I'm on Lion now, and hoped that Apple would have added the option to disable the quick preview buttons on the icons some way. Here's the problem I have:

This is NOT what I want

When I click on a video in Finder just to select it, I often hit the tiny triangle (see screenshot above), making the video play inside the icon. This is very irritating, since I have to click the teeny tiny triangle again to stop that.

Finder has a "Show Icon Previews" setting in the view options, but that does not do what I want, as it disables the whole thumbnail preview all together, like so:

This is NOT what I want

This clearly not very helpful. I'm looking for a way to keep the previews, but disable the controls on the icons, so that whatever I do, the icon looks like this:

This is what I want

I'd like to do this for all file types with these silly tiny controls on a 32x32 icon.

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Are you really seeing this on a 32x32 icon? This discussion suggests you won't see these controls for icons that are smaller than 64x64, which seems accurate (I just tried it).

However, my guess is that it will be impossible to disable this without disabling icon previews. Icon previews seem synonymous with Quick Look, so you either get Quick Look previews or you don't — and Quick Look icon previews come with those buttons.

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A workaround would be to develop the habit of selecting icons by dragging a selection rectangle.

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I already developed the tendency to click on the text below the icon instead of the icon itself. But I think that's silly, since the icon is designed to be an easy target. – Rolf Aug 27 '11 at 10:27

A workaround that can work in some cases is to Command-click or Shift-click the icon, which will not trigger the icon's play button. This works well if you have no other icons selected already, but if you have other icons selected, this will add to that selection instead of making a new selection like a normal, unmodified click would.

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