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I'm looking for a way to play megavideo (flash) and divx on my iPhone 3G which is jailbroken. Flash seems to require 3G S and above (like everything these days sigh)

Should I be able to do this, I will be able to replace my Sky box with my iPhone, as I can get live TV on there through TV catchup and access my iTunes library, I just need to be able to stream flash and divx and I'm set.

I've tried imobilecinema and that didn't play any audio or video and openstream (vlc4iphone) didn't work either.

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Flash does not run on any version of the iPhone. You can try using a program like Air Video which will live transcode your DiVX files into a format the iPhone will play back using your computer.

As for playing it natively on your iPhone, VLC (Video Lan Client) is working on a native client but it's not available in the App Store yet.

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You can try yxplayer on Cydia.

It's a pretty robust app which supports multiple formats.

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This site claims to provide you with completely free MegaVideo support in both locked and jailbroken iDevices.

No warranty since I never tested it.

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