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When I access Special Characters (⌘+⌥+T), many groups of characters will not display any characters. Coptic, Glagolithic, Runic, Gothic, etc. (Mostly more obscure characters) I'm running OS X Lion.

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First, you may need to enable these groups by clicking the button in the upper left and choosing "Customize List…":

Then find the desired list and check the checkbox:

If you have done this and you see boxes instead of characters, it just means you don't have a font that supports those characters. If you download and install an appropriate font you should start seeing the characters.

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Thanks. I guess my font doesn't support them then. – please delete me Aug 17 '11 at 23:30

There are many characters for which you need to add fonts in order to display them on your Mac. These sites will help you find any you might want:

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