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I have already asked this question over here


and I got one answer thats satisfying but risky to attempt such action, so anyone else can up with less risky alternative?

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I vote for installing NTFS-3G via macports and it is the best way IMHO. Check this well-written and detailed description http://fernandoff.posterous.com/ntfs-write-support-on-osx-lion-with-ntfs-3g-f

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Mac OS X does not natively support RW access to NTFS partitions.

You'll need a combination of MacFUSE:


and Amit Singh's NTFS RW driver:


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MacFuse is pretty much abandonware, and hasn't been updated since 2009. There is a new project called OSXFuse that is picking up where MacFuse left off and is compatible with Lion:


Also, as of 10/25/2011, the easy download location for the open source NTFS-3G


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