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I have a first-gen iPod Nano 4GB. I live having album art in my iTunes library on my nice, big, fat, PC hard drive. However, I don't really need it on my iPod. I'd like to maximize the amount of music I can fit on there.

So, how much space is that album art taking up, anyway? Can I keep it from getting on the device without having to delete it all from iTunes?

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There used to be an option in iTunes 8 that allowed toggling of album artwork on devices. This was removed in iTunes 9.

I also have your model Nano and would like to disable the artwork - only recourse for us is to leave feedback :(

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I knew I'd seen that setting before. Urgh. Here's hoping it comes back. (I left feedback as well, but my hopes aren't high.) –  Al Everett Aug 27 '10 at 17:46

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