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I've installed a bunch of apps from the App Store, some free, some paid. Many of them are garbage, were uninstalled, and I don't intend to ever install them again.

How can I remove (or hide) them from the "Purchased" list?

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I am running Lion (10.7.2), and there is an x just to the left of the Install / Installed button when you hover over the item in the purchased list. Click it for each App you do not want listed. I don't believe this uninstalls the App, merely removes it from the list. I did this to a program I actually wanted in the list, I don't recall even being asked for confirmation.

Now as far as getting a purchased App back onto your purchased list, that is another issue, and another question.

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Right now, there is no way to remove purchased apps. It's very annoying, hopefully will be possible in the future.

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