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I do web development on Windows for my day job, and I rely a lot on Fiddler, which is web debugging proxy. What is an equivalent tool for OS X?

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Have you checked out the developer tools in Safari and Chrome, or the Firebug extension for Firefox? All three offer the ability to monitor HTTP traffic, and all can monitor a specific tab instead of monitoring HTTP traffic systemwide. –  Warren Pena Aug 11 '11 at 23:15
What specifically do you use fiddler for? I use the development tools built into webkit to do everything I've ever needed for debugging HTTP. Safari's development menu is slightly better than Chrome's, but they're almost identical. Either one gives you various different ways to view all network activity in a browser tab. –  Abhi Beckert Aug 12 '11 at 4:44
I started out developing c# desktop apps that talk to webservices via HTTP and using fiddler to debug, so it's partly just habit. Also, I like the ability to manually craft and replay requests, which as far as I can tell is absent from the browsers. –  James Sulak Aug 12 '11 at 12:18

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I use CharlesProxy, and while it isn't as scriptable as Fiddler, it does the job. And with single license key, you can run it on all OSes (it's written in Java).

My needs were little different when I needed it ... I used it to debug webdav connections or to debug http communication between servers.

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Stuff that's Free:

Stuff that Costs:

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These are both free and haven't been mentioned so far. I found that both of these are far superior to the X11 Wireshark.

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http://mitmproxy.org/ is text-based tool, but does a great job. For any http-speaking app you want to analyse, and even modify and replay requests.

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Fiddler now has an Alpha build based on Mono.

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Try Tamper

It's a Chrome extension that lets you view and modify HTTP requests in the current tab's scope

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If you just want to see HTTP traffic, try Cellist.

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ZAP Attack proxy from OWASP is an excellent OpenSource alternative.

The already mentioned Burp is also excellent but the paid version is much better than the free version.

I use both for work.

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