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After upgrading to Lion, Reeder swipe up and swipe down gestures stopped working.

Reeder swipe up and swipe down gestures in Lion

How do I fix them?

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This problem is a known issue and has been fixed in recent versions.

However, it is not specific to Reeder and seems to also affect Twitter and other apps.

To work around it, hold ⌥ Option and swipe using the same count of fingers that you have set for Mission Control in Trackpad preference pane:

Swipe up with three fingers

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Thanks! This was a great workaround which also works in Chrome to trigger Chrome's exposé. – fnurl Nov 19 '11 at 15:35

You can fix this (temporarily), but there's some plist hacking involved. I read on reeder's twitter feed about a solution to this problem.

“@jagreenwood: @reederapp i got them working like this swipeWithEvent isn't called otherwise” Great, thanks!

The solution described at the linked address explains how to fix this problem in a couple of steps:

  1. I set up the trackpad properties in Preferences like this: enter image description here

  2. open up ~/Library/Preferences/ in your favorite editor

  3. make set the value of key TrackpadThreeFingerVertSwipeGesture to 1
  4. Restart your computer as this setting otherwise isn't used.

It's a bit hackish, but works pretty fine for me. The author of the post has also a different solution, but I don't really like that there's the option key involved.

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I tried this but unfortunately to no avail. – Dan Sep 23 '11 at 21:36

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