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If I put or or in full-screen mode, I'm unable to access those apps via Command+Tab from my main desktop interface. This seems like an oversight.

What's also puzzling is that if I manually switch to one of the full-screen apps (via clicking on its dock icon) and then use Command+Tab, I'm able to switch between that full-screen app and any other full-screen apps via Command+Tab, but as soon as I switch to a non-full-screen app, then I'm unable to return to a full-screen app via Command+Tab.

Is there a preference setting I'm missing?

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Yes - Go to System Preferences / Mission Control and tick "When switching to an application ..."

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Perfect! I can't believe I missed that. – user9596 Aug 9 '11 at 15:35
More like can't believe Apple missed that. It's ridiculously counter-intuitive. – Joe Feb 24 at 17:03
@Joe - Yes.. Default behavior that is counter productive is a defect - this one counts as such. – javadba Aug 14 at 13:06
Dan - this does not even work for me. I have that checkbox clicked in MC under system preferences. Fullscreen windows do not get included in the cycle of all-windows cycling (command-tab_ or application cycling. – javadba Aug 14 at 13:12

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