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Are there hard drives like the Pegasus option with Thunderbolt available with only one or two drives for less money?

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Is there a point to such a device? The reason there are so many drive bays in current thunderbolt drives is because they take advantage of the available speed to allow writing and reading to multiple disks at the same time. having 1-2 drives is FAR slower than what USB is cable of on its own, so unless you have a shortage of USBs a thunderbolt interface for such a device would be excessive. – AMomchilov Sep 8 '11 at 2:03
Welcome to Ask Different! Hardware recommendation ("let's go shopping") questions are off-topic for this site. Thanks. – Nathan Greenstein Sep 8 '11 at 2:38

LaCie's "Little Big Disk" models are supposed to be out sometime this "summer". That's all I know of for individual drives.

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So far the Pegasus drives are the only available Thunderbolt drives available. Seagate has announced that they'll offer a Thunderbolt connector for their modular GoFlex drives, which means you should be able to buy one of those drives now and get Thunderbolt connector later, and use the USB connection in the mean time.

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