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After turning on FileVault on my newly "Lionized" early-2011 MBP, I noticed that TextExpander was resetting to the default snippets that it comes with. The issue appears to have arisen after turning on FileVault in Lion for my boot drive. Since the Dropbox folder is on a separate volume (my data HDD rather than the boot SSD), I think there is a permissions issue that comes about due to the boot drive haveing FileVault enabled, but the drive with Dropbox not having it enabled (since FV only works on the boot drive). It seems as though TextExpander (which is on the boot drive along with all of the other applications and OS) no longer had rights to access Dropbox on the other volume. This is somewhat speculation, as I am not sure what steps to take to confirm or deny this. However, I was also getting cryptic message from 1Password about updates not saving correctly due to some other obscure error about permissions (I did not, unfortunately, save the text of the message and only recently connected these two issues).

My question is, is anyone else noticing issues with Dropbox-synced services after enabling FileVault in Lion?

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Actually no. FileVault 2 is a transparent encryption, which should not have such that side effects. Applications are not aware of them being on an encrypted storage.

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I don't have DropBox enabled for TextExpander but I've noticed the same "resetting" behavior with Lion. I recently enabled FileVault 2 and it's probably when I started noticing the issue. I've enabled sync to MobileMe just now in the hopes it will do that but I don't know if that will work (or, if it does how long it will work since MobileMe is going away).

At least you're not the only one. No word on a fix as far as I'm aware.

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