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I'd like to record video output from my iPad on my Mac. I know there is a VGA output adapter for the iPad. What hardware and software do I need on the Mac side?


  • I have a two-year-old iMac and year-old MacBook. I can use either one for the recording.
  • I will be recording an iPad app that has support for video output (it's an app I'm developing myself)
  • I don't care much about what the final video format is. Ideally, QuickTime, but really anything displayable on a Mac is fine.

Alternatively, if there is a much easier/cheaper way to record on a Windows box rather than Mac, I could do that too.

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There's a guide here you might find helpful. The guide suggests using the iPad VGA connector and a VGA to USB converter. The suggested converter is a bit steep at $299, but you might be able to find a cheaper alternative.

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