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I just ran across this app from Maxivista that allows you to use your iPad as a second monitor. It's just like their other app that lets you use another computer as an additional monitor, such as a laptop. The problem is, however, it's a bit sluggish as it has to use WiFi to send what is basically a video signal.

So, are there any solutions that allow you to use an iPad as an additional screen via USB?

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That would require some fancy footwork on the USB end of things, and I'm not clear that the current APIs allow iPad programs to get that low-level yet. You might need to look in the non-apple app stores. – Michael Kohne Aug 26 '10 at 5:05

Recently Air Display announced a beta of the Windows client so now there are two choices but it also works only over Wifi so I would imagine they would both have lag issues.

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Air Display doesn't lag bad, but it uses compression so you get pixelation for a second on motion, but it clears quickly. I use it with my Mac but I see the Windows version is released now too. Will download it when I get home. – Jim McKeeth Sep 22 '10 at 16:44

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