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Is it possible to transfer all the audio files from logic pro to a video editing program so that they are all in the correct place and each file is separate?

I want it so it looks like it does in logic but I can place video upon it.




Sorry if this is in the incorrect section of stack exchange but I do not know where to to place it.

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There are two major formats for exporting audio files en masse: OMF and AAF. Logic can do both, but it would appear - - that FCP doesn't natively support either one. For a one-time project, the free trial of Boris Transfer FCP should be able to handle AAF. For long-term though, unless you have Boris or Automatic Duck already, you'd probably be better off exporting All Tracks as Audio Files, and bringing in them one-by-one. This video walks you through the process of AAF, OMF, or Audio File export.

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Thanks a lot for this. This should do it! – Ginger Bill Aug 7 '11 at 22:42

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