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I'm sure some people really love that new feature, but I use Google Reader so it's driving me batty. Not to mention that as a tech guy, I might want to actually view an XML feed once in a while (like for instance, Sparkle update feeds).

So how do I stop Safari from redirecting the normal XML feeds to their "feed://" pseudo-protocol?

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Apparently, it used to be possible in Tiger/Safari 2.0 to disable this using defaults write DebugSyndicationEnabled -bool NO. (source) I cannot get this to work in Lion/Safari 5.1, however.

Your best bet seems to be to set the default feed reader (Safari → Preferences… → RSS) to something that gives you XML source.

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There is no Safari->Preferences->RSS in Safari 7 – user82124 Jun 19 '14 at 16:59
That answer was written long before Safari 7's release. – Sören Kuklau Jun 23 '14 at 18:46

Just in case that would be useful, disable RSS feed in Safari 5 : Safari top menu --> Preferences --> RSS --> uncheck both boxes next to "automatically update articles in" Done.

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