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I still have a folder called "System Folder" that belongs to the Classic environment. It takes up almost 400MB on my disk. Since I'm running Lion, can I safely delete the entire folder?

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Wow, you still have that?! You must have transferred all of your data from machine to machine. Sometime, you might want to consider a complete reinstall to remove any other oddities that might be lying around. – Jamie Aug 6 '11 at 0:31

Considering the Classic environment was phased out versions ago, I think it would be completely safe to delete a folder belonging to the classic environment.

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It's probably safe to delete it, unless you're like me. For example, I still keep a directory of pictures in the Appearance directory that I use for wallpaper. Old habits die hard. :-) You might want to check if you have anything similarly quirky.

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Absolutely. Everything equivalent that Lion needs resides in the new "System" folder (and others) so you can freely delete your old System Folder.

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I did a clean install of Lion and there is no "/System Folder/" there, therefore I believe that you can safely delete the folder "/System Folder/" however make sure you do not delete the "/System/" folder, otherwise you'll be left with an unbootable system.

(Of course you have a working backup, right ;-?)

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Working backup and Carbonite backup. (Been burned before.) – Bill Aug 8 '11 at 4:43

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