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I've installed Windows 7 via BootCamp. I'd like to rename the partition from BOOTCAMP to something a little easier on the eyes. Will renaming my Windows partition from "BOOTCAMP" to "Windows" break anything? (Should I do it from the Windows side or the Mac side?)

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It won't break anything. Only issue is that if you're using a FAT partition, the name will be all capitals. Rename from either Windows or OS X if you have an appropriate driver installed.

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This answer is not right, You cannot rename NTFS partition from standard Mac OS X install without third party NTFS driver – iskra Nov 9 '11 at 0:43
You're right, I had NTFS3G installed when I wrote this answer. – MJeffryes Nov 9 '11 at 1:27

I agree that it should not break anything. I would do it while booted into Windows, because I would assume that Windows would know to make sure the change is reflected anywhere else it is necessary.

(I'm not an expert on Windows but I did rename my BOOTCAMP partition under Snow Leopard without any negative results.)

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