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Is it possible to send and receive faxes directly on the iPhone?

The goal is to try to avoid paying an additional 5 or 10 bux a month to use a 3rd party service. I'm hoping the functionality can be either bought through an app or configured.

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Can't you just use email instead? Same thing as fax, just without the need for analog. – Webs Sep 13 '10 at 20:37
@Webs there are some e.g financial/legal transactions that need a fax. Although if one end is email is it still valid ? – Mark Jan 29 '13 at 18:25

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Looks like you're looking for the iFax app (Unfortunatlly I don't have a link here at work, but if you search for it in the store it should pop up), however I've got the next best thing!

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Easy to use. Take a picture and send.

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It is possible to send and receive faxes straight from your iPhone, Popfax- has developed a fully featured mobile fax website, which turns mobile devices into miniature fax machines. It is easy, quick, and it works on the go.

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