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I'm trying to install ruby/rubygems on the latest version of 10.6. I used MacPorts to install ruby after noticing that my version was old. ruby was installed into /opt/local/bin.

I changed .bash_profile and added:

export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH

When I echo $PATH, I get:


So when I type which ruby I get:


Which works correctly. However, when I type which gem I get:


When using gem -environment I get (gem is in the above directory):

-bash: /usr/bin/gem: No such file or directory

I'm completely open to uninstalling everything and starting over if necessary. I'm just not sure why it's still trying to grab it from /usr/bin!

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The default gem is a function and they get called before $PATH and also before the command hash.

Try playing with hash (or clearing it with hash -r ) to see if your path isn't getting a say in which gem to call.

type gem will confirm whether yur gem is really a function...

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What a mess. I ended up removing all versions of ruby and MacPorts and compiling 1.9.2 from source. Everything is working fine now.

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