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Okay perhaps my title was a little on the dramatic side but i'm really struggling to come to terms with this new "mission control thing" apple have replaced spaces with!

Let me give you some context i'm a developer by day (and by night for that matter) and for the last few years on my workstation i've had 8 spaces set up in a very particular way (which i've gained a certain amount of "muscle memory" on the shortcuts for etc..)

Now we have mission control in lion i've lost a ton of productivity from just being disorientated!

I want the old spaces back where everything had it's place..

But i'm guessing thats not gonna happen in lion so how can i become more productive using mission control?

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The way I see it, you have 2 solutions: go back to Snow Leopard (but you'll have to go back to Lion one day), wait for your muscle memory to adapt to this new behavior (you can search this site for tips and trick on Lion to help you do that). –  Loïc Wolff Aug 3 '11 at 13:47
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Well it depends on how you had your Spaces set up before. Mac OS X now will rearrange your spaces for you based on the one that you were last in. This is great for switching back and forth between two applications in separate spaces.

The caveat that I've found is that it really works best if you make the first switch actually from within Mission Control instead of a swipe gesture. Once you're there you can swipe back and forth easily. The one thing that I think "power users" such as yourself are going to miss is that you can't switch directly to a space with a number shortcut anymore.

The only recommendation that I can give you is to disengage your application assignments from the numbers that you were used to. I realize that going into Mission control is not ideal, but remember that if you switch to an application that has open windows, you can set Mac OS X to switch to a space with that application in it, which might make things easier for you.

You can still assign applications to a space on startup, so that's no functionality lost there. Overall, once you get used to using Mission Control in a new way, you shouldn't lose that much time or productivity, it's just the learning curve was steepened.

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