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I have an A4 PDF document that has content all the way to the border and I want to print it out.

Hence I print out on A3 sized paper (i.e. I print on paper twice the size) and then cut it to the actual size.

Is there an easy way to add crop marks to the document when printing it?

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If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, this is easily done: File > Print > Advanced > Marks and Bleeds > Trim Marks

This may also be possible under Acrobat Reader, if someone would care to test it.

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Thanks. And it is not available with the free Acrobat Reader. – Pierre Spring Aug 22 '11 at 8:34

I have not found any way to do it on the free version. I was hoping there was, so that Sales would not have to come back to Prepress all the time to have us print out a proof with marks, but I'm not finding any way for them to do it in the free version (i.e. Acrobat Reader).

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