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I have this applet made in java, which relies on the users keycode input. The case is that I have to press "Insert" for a function, which doesn't exist on the keyboard. Another function requires the "Page Up", which is also missing from my keyboard.

I have the BT Keyboard (no numpad).

I did not make the applet and there are no options to change the keyboard-controls.

How can I send these 'keys' to the Java applet?

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The page up Key is mapped to fn + Arrow UP.

Other key combinations with fn and the arrow keys are:

  • Arrow down > page down
  • Arrow left > beginning of line or begin of page depending on situation
  • Arrow right > end of line or bottom of page depending on situation

For the Insert Key there's no correspondant key on a Mac keyboard, but you could try using the fn + Enter which I found here. I can't confirm this though as I absolutely have no idea where I could test this out.

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fn + Enter didn't work, but fn + Up did. – Tyilo Jul 29 '11 at 20:57
fn+Enter is a Windows key combination for Insert, if you've installed it on your Mac (like with BootCamp). – Adam L. S. Nov 25 '13 at 16:46

On that keyboard, the Page-Up key code can be sent by pressing: fn+

This can be found by turning on the Keyboard Viewer in System Preferences -> Language and Text -> Input Sources.

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