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I'm thinking of upgrading to Lion after hearing that they've upgraded Terminal.app somewhat. The main thing I've heard is that Terminal.app now supports 256 colors, but I don't care about colors. I want mouse events in screen without using MouseTerm.

Where can I find all the changes to Terminal.app provided by Lion? Are mouse events included in this update?

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I'm also curious. All I can find from Apple is this. Maybe that's it? –  Jeff Bowen Jul 28 '11 at 18:47

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The Terminal changes in Lion aren't very major, from what I've seen, but they're listed here. Still no mouse events, unfortunately. If you have access, I suggest filing a feature request.

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I don't use mouse events, but they appear to at least partially work in iTerm 2, which does not require Lion or MouseTerm. I tested with "set mouse=a" in vim and was able to select using the mouse, etc.

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