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I recently installed the latest round of system updates to my Snow-Leopard MacBook Pro (10.6.8), and my Vienna reader is afflicted with ugly. Example:


And also

Ugly still!

For reference, these are FeedLight and Bohemian Broadsheet styles.

None of the styles (all 15 installed defaults) allow changing from anything but this default HTML-from-1996 styles. It used to use CSS, I think, to format the feeds. Anyone else having issues like this? Is there a simple fix? I've obviously tried restarting the apps, both Safari and Vienna, and nothing seems to make any difference. I'm sure it's possible some /Library file is responsible, but I don't know which one or how to determine which one. Anyone?

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As far as I know Safari 5.1 now uses Webkit2, which is built from the ground up. Perhaps this change is causing the problem. Just throwing this out there. Hope you find a solution to your problem! – kevin9794 Jul 29 '11 at 1:51
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Short answer: Yes.

Due to complications with Sparkle updates, according to this thread, the 'check for updates' process did not find the latest version. Webkit2 has some additional security considerations, apparently. Upgrading to is the solution.

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