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On my second drive image dimensions do not show. On my main drive they do.

Is there some way to enable that?

Thanks a lot.

EDIT: The second drive is 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled)'. If i make a new folder on the drive and paste a pic in it works, but others it not. Yes, i have checked "Show Item Info" in View Options.

it shows item count and some file size info but not image dimensions

EDIT2: its just a folder tree on a drive that not show it... if i rename the tree they show, rename back and they stop showing. if i copy a file to a new dir or root it shows

how to change or reset what shows where? i tried adding and remiving from spotlight privacy window but

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Need a little more information. What is the second drive formatted as? If the other drive is FAT32/NTFS, it might not support the metadata required for the files to show this info in the Get Info window. – Gauzy Jul 28 '11 at 1:53
FWIW, I have posted a similar question:… I think it's a bug in OS X. It's still in Yosemite to this date(!) – Jonny Apr 15 '15 at 2:21
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As with thumbnails for movies, dimensions of images lots of times don't load until they are either opened, or left highlighted for a bit. I went through my images and found many didn't have dimensions either. After highlighting them for a minute or opening them with preview however, the dimensions showed. So chances are Finder doesn't open the file to find the dimensions until it needs to.

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i can paste an image in root or new folder and shows dimensions right away – rakkarage Jul 29 '11 at 17:46

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