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After installing Lion the iWork applications no longer have a "Save As" command in the file menu. It is common that I want to use an existing document, save it as a different file name, and then modify it. I'm sure I can make a copy but that's more work than it's worth. The help file continues to insist that there is a "Save As" feature in the File menu.

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In the File menu below Save... or Save a Version you have an option called Duplicate. This opens a new window with the current state of the file you're editing and you can now use File > Save... to save it with different file name.

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The "Save As" feature has been replaced by Lion's new Versions feature.

You have to perform more steps now though, because first you need to Duplicate the document

Duplicate Menu entry in Keynote

a new version will "jump" out of the current document.

You'll notice that Save in the File menu is now changed to Save...

Save... Menu entry in Keynote

I'm pretty sure that "Save as" will return shortly as this doesn't exactly make the process any easier...

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