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I've been playing with Lion and Mission Control. I'm not sure how I did it, but I seem to have reordered my desktops.

When I open Mission Control, the labels of the desktops at the top of the screen are (from left to right):

Dashboard, Desktop 1, Desktop 2, Desktop 4, Desktop 5, Desktop 3 (in the wrong place!), Desktop 6, Desktop 7, Desktop 8, Desktop 9

How did I relocate 3? And how do I put it back in the right place?

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What you can do is this:

Delete the desktops and then recreate the by hovering over them and pressing the red thing in the corner, then looking at the right to make a new desktop.

This is no longer necessary as of Mac OS Lion 10.7.2, see this answer for an easier solution.

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Thanks, deleting by clicking on the X for "Desktop 3" did the trick. – Robert Hume Jul 21 '11 at 16:54

By default, Spaces are reorganized by last used. You can change this in System Preferences -> Mission Control.

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Starting with Mac OS Lion 10.7.2, you can drag to re-order your desktops, even the ones that are in full-screen mode.

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For future reference, that's 10.7.2. – Dan J Oct 14 '11 at 3:27
Except desktop 1. Apparently it cannot be moved nor any other desktop can be made as new number one. – koiyu Oct 14 '11 at 18:01
@koiyu No longer true in OSX 10.10.4. – Parthian Shot Jul 31 '15 at 19:07

You can't drag or relocate them even after you disable automatic ortanization in System Preferences -> Mission Control.

They seem to be fixed, which is weird. Let's hope that in a future update, Apple fixes this issue.

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You can change the windows displayed on the single desktops by pressing the alt key and then clicking on a desktop. So if for example you want preview (which was on desktop 3) to move to desktop 2 you would do:

Alt + Click on Desktop 3 & Drag the Window of Preview and put in on desktop 2.

Else you can also go to desktop 2 and right click on the Preview icon in the Dock and then click on: Assign to Desktop 2.

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