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I installed Lion on my MacBook Pro. Worked great.

Now I want to install it on my iMac, I don't want to re-download it from the App Store because it's a 3.5GB download and I have to pay for all my bandwidth (yes, I'm Canadian).

Is the installer executable on my MacBook Pro somewhere? If so, where is it and can I just copy it to the iMac and run it?

Thanks, Rob

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Unfortunately the installer package contains the source files for the installation and this package is deleted once installation has completed.

If you still have the installer in Applications, right-click on it and Show Package Contents then browse to the /Contents/SharedSupport/ folder and look for the InstallESD.dmg disk image. This image can be burnt to a dvd saving future downloads but I am afraid you are going to have to download it again.

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Unfortunately the installer is removed after a successful installation of Lion, so you'll probably need to download it again.

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From another question....

Is it possible to burn a DVD out of the Lion app store install?

Joel has a nice set of instructions on how to do this.

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